Essay on Life Science Surgical Tools: An Ethical Dilemma

Essay on Life Science Surgical Tools: An Ethical Dilemma

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2) Choose an ethical dilemma that is relevant to your emerging industry and describe your recommended course of action using the following questions: Is the action consistent with the actor’s basic duties? Does it respect the rights and other legitimate claims of the affected parties? Does it reflect best practice? Is it compatible with the actor's own deeply held commitments?

The emerging industry I have chosen is Life Science Surgical Tools. An ethical dilemma I think is relevant for this emerging industry is the success rate. Robotic Surgery, a life science surgical tool, is being used to help surgeons perform surgeries with fewer casualties and less pain. Despite the goal of this tool, ethics are a major concern. The duty of the surgeon is to accurately diagnose the patient and provide the best treatment for them. Surgeons must also interpret results and educate their patients of their findings.(2) Over the years there have been a number of cases were patients who underwent surgery had tools left inside of their bodies.(3) In other cases the incisions made by surgeons left scars and sometimes led to a large amount of blood loss. With the robot, named Da Vinci Surgical System, the surgeon has full control of the mechanical arms of the robot. Small cameras are places on the robot to provide the surgeon with a view of the patient’s internal organs. (4) Nerves and veins are sometimes difficult to see when making an incision into a patient. But the camera on the robot provided a clear, close up of the internal organs.
Although there have been successful surgeries using this robot, I must admit there have been several cases where the surgery was a failure, and the patients died. The robot is fully controlled by the surgeon, and...

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... the intended result.


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