Essay about Life On The Boundaries Of A Dichotomous Gender System

Essay about Life On The Boundaries Of A Dichotomous Gender System

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Betsy Lucal, "What it means to be gendered me: Life on the Boundaries of a Dichotomous Gender System."
In "What It Means to be Gendered Me", Betsy Lucal, a tall female sociologist with a male appearance faces many difficulties in her interaction with others. She is challenged when trying to use the ladies toilet, service staff addresses her as ‘sir ' and she is suspected of fraud when attempting to use her credit card. Since people perceive her appearance to be male when she is with her younger brother, young women try to flirt with her. If she is with her female friends, people tend to think of them as heterosexual couples (lucal).
Gender is not about the biological differences between men and women but rather the behavioral, cultural and psychological traits typically associated with one sex. Gender is socially constructed meaning it 's culturally specific, it 's learned and shared through gender socialization. What it means to be a woman or man is going to differ based on the culture, geographical location, and time. What it meant to be a woman in the US in the 19th century is different than what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. As cultures evolve over time so are the ideals of what it means to be man or woman.
Lucal is being treated as male in her interactions with other because the society gender system is a two-and-only-two meaning you 're either a male or a female. As Lucal points out there is no social place for a person who is neither woman nor man because to begin with there is no pronoun that currently available to address them you 're either "sir" or "Ma 'am". An important concept that Lucal discuss is gender display which refers to the portrayal of culturally established sets of behaviors, appearance...

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...ome people have been fighting against gender stereotypes in the society like the parents that let their son wear the Elsa costume on Halloween. I recently saw an article on Facebook where a California father was letting his son do his make-up. I think more and more people are challenging the gender stereotype but I believe that as Lucal said people may choose to not do gender but society will gender for them.
Even in countries such as Sweden where the government is pushing towards gender neutrality by getting rid of the pronouns "he" and "her" replacing it with a hen in preschools. Most swedes don 't use the pronoun school is important in socializing children but I believe ultimately that parents have a greater impact on the socialization of children if the parents on the board I don 't see the big impact this change can have in creating a gender neutral society.

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