Essay about The Life Of Theodore Roosevelt

Essay about The Life Of Theodore Roosevelt

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This report is about the life of Theodore Roosevelt. I will describe important events that made him an important historical person. I will also describe his health issues when he was a boy. Lastly I will include a timeline of how he went from a weak and sick boy to a very physically strong president.

Roosevelt was born in New York in 1858. As a young boy, Roosevelt spent a lot of time being home-schooled, due to his asthma. Doctors also discovered that his heart was weak, even though he lived a very active life.

Party bosses nominated Roosevelt to the vice presidency, assuming that Roosevelt would be incapable of continuing his progressive policies. On September 6, 1901, a radical shot President William McKinley, who died days later, making Roosevelt the 26th President of U.S.A..

During a campaign election in 1912, an assassin shot Roosevelt in the chest, but fortunately Roosevelt recovered. His reputation was so great that he was preserved on Mount Rushmore.

Theodore Roosevelt, young and physically strong brought with him a fresh energy to the White House. He was not even 43 years old yet, he became the youngest President in American history on September 14 1901. Before becoming the 26th President of the United States of America, Roosevelt was a Warrior, Governor of New York, an Environmental Activist, Military Leader, and Vice President of the U.S.. He was also a faithful conservationist. Theodore Roosevelt is remembered for his foreign policy, corporate reforms and environmental protection. Theodore Roosevelt strongly held the belief in preserving our national lands. America owes 200 million acres of national forest and parkland to Roosevelt’s foresight. The Antiquities Act of 1906 had an even bigger effect. Even though ...

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...n subjects as varied as naval history and nature. His reputation was so great that he was preserved on Mount Rushmore with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and also Abraham Lincoln in the year 1939.

Theodore Roosevelt was the very first President to fly an airplane, be submerged in a submarine, he also had a telephone in his home, he owned a car, and he even traveled outside the borders of the U.S. while still in office. He traveled in the battleship USS Louisiana all the way to Panama in 1906. He became the first American recipient to win a Nobel Prize in all the possible categories. He was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the 1906 because he intervened and stopped the war between Russia and Japan by negotiating a peace treaty. He also signed into law the first 51st centralized bird sanctuaries and also the first eighteen national monuments.

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