Life Of The Wonderful Twin Cities Essay examples

Life Of The Wonderful Twin Cities Essay examples

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As a newcomer in the state of Minnesota and to the area of the wonderful Twin Cities, I’ve been in search for a welcoming, affordable place to dine alongside my closest friends while we embark on the journey known as college. Being a freshman, my options were and still are very limited due to the lack of a car for my first semester. Thankfully, we have numerous restaurants available in close proximity of my school, University of Northwestern - St. Paul. My only criteria other than the distance was their hours since being a student athlete causes little to no time before late hours. I was drawn into a local bar and grill named Grumpy’s. Despite it’s uncommon, negative name, the vibrant colors and large menu with prices within my budget had me wanting to walk there every day. Grumpy’s outranks the normal, loud chain bars and grills with their large venue, numerous choices of affordable, delicious food, and their three locations throughout the Twin Cities area.
During all occasions one might choose to eat out, waiting to be seated is not a liked experience by anyone. At Grumpy’s in Roseville, you are given three different options, if weather permits, to sit in a spacious, modern restaurant where a wait is highly unlikely. Most restaurants only offer close quarters of one floor booths and table tops next to a crowded bar with large entertainment systems overwhelming your dining experience. On the contrary at this Grumpy’s location every customer is offered a full-service menu at all of the seating areas which are the patio, dining area, high-top tables, and separate bar area on two floors. Even during their viewing of major sporting events, sitting at the bar is not a necessity due to the ability to see a tv in sight from all seats ev...

... middle of paper ... well being throughout my time at Grumpy’s. My server was in her mid-twenties, just out of training as she nervously embarked as a first time waitress. The timing between our seating and being seen was not only quick, but our waitress seemed eager, and happy for her existence at her current job. Her first words after the usual introduction on their name and daily specials was a heartfelt asking of any present allergies for my friend or me. Most places, especially a more casual grill and bar are less considerate and expect the customer to do the work. Our response tailored her opinions as to what appetizers, drinks, and meals she thought we may like. The meal came out within fifteen minutes during a fairly busy day, whereas competitors may take up to an hour. With a stressed mind, they made my dining experience swift and easy which only makes me more eager to return.

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