Life Of The Spirit Retreat Essay

Life Of The Spirit Retreat Essay

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Life in the Spirit Retreat
Context: This retreat was organized and sponsored by the Families in Christ Jesus Community (FCJC) for the youth at St. Kateri Tekakwitha Parish on January 10-11, 2015. This dynamic faith retreat renewed spirituality of the participants with diverse activities.
First, young people were led to deeper discernment. Building relationship happened right from the beginning with some group games. Everyone made friends together and helped one another effectively. Then, the leader began to encourage young people to share what they wanted to concern, explore, and express their first experience at the retreat. Several youths stood up to talk about their family and to question about God. One of the young adults shared with retreatants about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit by singing and illustrating attractively. After the break, everyone was drawn into a fun and animated activity of a youth leader. This was really a successful cognitive preparation to know God and one another well.
Second, the leaders guided the youths to renew their relationship with God. All wer...

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