Life Of The Middle School And High School Is Not Easy For Me Essay

Life Of The Middle School And High School Is Not Easy For Me Essay

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Life in the middle school and high school was not easy for me. I had become an introvert, I still didn’t know how to be social, and I had very few friends. I was teased for being very quiet, and some people insinuated that I’m scared of fellow people. On the other hand life at home was difficult. My mother had become so bitter and pleased her was next to impossible. She became very harsh with my brother and me, and we were always scolded for even the smallest mistakes. Once in a while, my father would come for us and take us to the city he lived. I would look out of the windows as we drove out of town and would imagine how life in another city would feel like. I looked at the skies, and all I saw were promises of a better future. All my life I had lived in San Diego, and I hated it. I longed for the day I would move away from this place. I did not seem to like anything about it anymore not to mention that I even hardly had any friends. Even when we grew up, my mother would not let us visit people’s homes. It is like she believed that if she let us out there, bad things would happen to us. I somehow understood her now that I was older. She had gone through a painful divorce, and my father had left her with no protection and sense of security, so she had to do all that she could to protect us. I remember seeing my sister on arrival to my father’s house and shedding tears because I had missed her so much. I remembered how she used to take care of me and treat me like a baby. Nobody did that anymore because my brother and I were almost the same age and my mother used to treat us the same. On this day I told my father that I would not go back home and that I wanted to live here with him. I begged him to let me stay there, and we could ...

... middle of paper ... communication skills and also interpersonal skills.

Being raised in a family whereby everything rotated around only the family members was a difficult situation for me that had affected my way of relating to people. Coming to a college away from home, however, has made me a new person, I have learned a lot about people how they react to certain things, what they like and why they do the things they do. It has also made me understand many things that happened in my past, and understand why my mother brought us up the way she did and why my parents made the decision to divorce. I believe the exposure that I have gotten from being in college and being away from home is very valuable and will help me all through my life. The people I have made solid friendships with will be my friends for the better part of my life. The misery of San Diego will no longer affect me.

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