Life Of The Late Nelson Mandela Essay

Life Of The Late Nelson Mandela Essay

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela, former president of president of South Africa, 1993 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate). A man whose struggle and dream led his people to freedom, South Africa’s significant leader who led them in their fight for equal rights. Coming from a country that experienced great racial segregation between the black and whites, in the time of this great separation ‘apartheid’. In This essay I will write on the life of the late Nelson Mandela, his childhood and politics. Where I shall state the role he played in his country and internationally and also write about his and social achievement whiles in power and how this has impacted on International Relations. Lastly the Legacy that he has left behind.
Rolihlahla his clan name which in Xhosa means “Pulling the branch of a tree” Madiba Mandela who was born on July 18th, 1918, in Mveso, Transkei, South Africa to a tribal chief of tembu. His Father Nkois Mphakanyiswa Henry Gadla, a local chief and councillor was fairly rich enough to maintain four wives and thirteen children including four boys and nine girls, Mandela’s mother Nonqaphi Nosekeni being the third wife. (Lodge, 2006, p2) Mandela grew up in the village of Qunu in his very early years where he spent herding cattle and playing with the boys in the district. (The famous people, p1) he then attended missionary school in qunu where he was given his English name of Nelson, by his white missionary teacher (lodge, 2006, p3) in this Missionary school Mandela studies English, Xhosa, history and geography. Mandela’s father pasted away in 1927 where he was placed under the care of his father’s cousin Jongitaba Dalindyebo who treated Mandela as h...

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...the Africanist soon formed into the Pan-Africanist Congress, which had a huge impact on the ACN that by 1959 most of the militant support ACN had gained was lot. ( Editors, 2016, p1) African National Congress was outlawed by the government which led to Mandela going underground where he formed his military wing ‘Umkhonto we Sizwe’ (Spear of the Nation) which was an armed movement aimed to sabotage and use war strategies to stop Apartheid. Mandela made a great change from an armed freedom fighter to renouncing force and violence and then into a partaking democrat.

Upon Nelsons release from prison in 1990 he encouraged that foreign powers kept their pressure on the South African Government to gain constitutional reform and declared that the African National congress would continue until the majority of black people in South Africa were allowed to vote.

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