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Life of the Great Composers Essay

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven were both child parodies. Their fathers were the ones who cultivated their gifts which led them to becoming two of the most famous classical music composers of all time. Between the both of them they composed over a hundred masterpieces that are still being played around the world today. Some of their works includes concertos, quartets, sonatas, symphonies, songs and operas. Although having many things in common, their lives and style of music could not have been more different. They both died young and left their mark on the world of classical music that had withstood the hands of time.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born January 27, 1756 in the country on Austria. At an early age his father Leopold Mozart thought him how to play the harpsichord, soon after he began composing at the early age of five under the supervision of his father. At eleven he had his first public performances, the family toured many countries playing for aristocrats, royals and public audiences. In 1767 Mozart wrote his first Mass and in 1770 he was invited to join the philharmonic society; later that year in Milan he produced the opera Mitridate that became a huge success. Mozart traveled excessively and his mother accompanied him on many of his international trips where he sought after gainful employment. After being unsuccessful at finding jobs he settled into a court position in Vienna working for Archbishop Salzburg sadly it did not last long. Mozart did his own freelance work teaching and performing in concerts. After marrying Constanze Weber, in 1782, he found work composing concertos. From 1787 to 1790 he composed three operas, Le Nozze di Figaro, Cosi fan tutte, Don Giovanni for Prague taking opera...

... middle of paper ... express by Uchida’s facial expressions as she mastered the keys that convey such emotions. When the strings and violins followed, the mood subsided just a bit, before orchestra brought the second movement to a closed. The beginning to the final movement was as though Mozart knew his audience needed to change of mood, because it began with a bright and sunny theme the solo piano and its orchestra joined in Unisom in a joyous and invigorating dynamic sound. There was a long piano solo that Uchida again mastered beautifully. Then the coda began with the full orchestra that brought the movement to a triumph end.

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Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 23 in A major, K. 488 (Mitsuko Uchida)

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