The Life Of St. Joseph Parish Essay

The Life Of St. Joseph Parish Essay

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At St. Joseph Parish in Windsor, Connecticut, women are seen as equals to men. They are greeted by a handshake and a warm smile, just like their husbands or siblings they attend church with. I got the feeling that they didn’t care that I was a woman attending Sunday mass alone, they just cared that I had come at all. On every wall of the church were beautiful stain glass with pictures of Jesus and his disciples, while behind the altar, a painting of Jesus on the cross was painted so that everyone who walked in would see it. In every visual aspect of the church, a woman was present and was with Jesus. There was even a statue of her towards the front of the church. She had a halo around her head just like Jesus and the other male disciples. It seemed as if the woman in blue was just as holy as the men around her, and it was as if she had helped Jesus make the world better in the name of God. The image of this woman in blue can help woman of today relate to God in a more personal way. The women have to give birth to the children that serve God, and if they are given the divine power of not only carrying God 's son, but being able to speak with God, then women of the Christian faith can find a little bit of power with themselves. When mass began, the whole church stood up to welcome the priest as he walked in. He welcomed us in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and led us along as we asked for mercy from God for our sins. The priest, Father Vargo, spoke about how God sent his son Jesus to save the world, and how Jesus calls us into his wondrous light. We kept asking for mercy from male figures and how only they can save the human, through our faith and devotion. As the mass continued, not once was a female figure me...

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...aith has been full of oppression and being controlled, due to the scriptures being interpreted in certain ways. I would allow myself to interpret the readings in my own way and only letting God have ‘power’ over me. If I follow the Bible 's teachings to be a good person, I myself can become a gift of God and for God. To allow others to influence your faith and spirituality is to have none at all, and to give the power of control to men in the faith and not keep it to God is wrong. I control my own faith and to use my belief in God to live my life to the fullest, I can improvise my life while working towards the ultimate goal that God may have planned for me. If I focus on the end and not the journey, I am losing sight of the teachings of the Bible. Jesus taught to put your faith in God and that everything would work out just fine, and that is what I would plan to do.

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