The Life Of St. Francis Of Birds And Nature Essay

The Life Of St. Francis Of Birds And Nature Essay

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A painting that stood out to me was Sermon to the Birds on page 147. It is part of a series of frescoes in the Upper Church painted by Giotto. It is a painting of St. Francis giving a sermon to birds. He loved nature. It was based on the biography of Francis written by Bonaventura. Francis’ love for birds and nature is evident when he gives his sermon and his song of praise to “Brother Son. “A viewer in the middle ages might see this painting as being inspiring and holy because Francis is giving a sermon to birds. In addition, they might notice how the painter uses perspective, and how beautiful the colors are. Nowadays, if someone were to look at the painting, they might think that it looks like any other painting. In addition, it seems weird for someone to be giving a sermon to birds. Nowadays, people over analyze paintings. The painting on the next page may affect how someone views the picture. In addition, music and narration can give paintings a whole new meaning. By mass producing these paintings, they lose their originality because anybody has access to the picture of the painting. People no longer have to travel to see the work of art. If the art is displayed in a room by itself, people might think of it as being on a shrine all by itself because it is so valuable. However, when we see the painting in our text or on our screen, it loses its importance and value. The painting no longer appears to be still and silent. The picture of the painting makes the painting lose its original meaning. Paintings originally gave the building that they were placed in meaning. However, when we view the pictures in our text, we are not able to get a sense of the location of the painting or in which building it is located.

After watching th...

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...ovement and sound. On a screen for some pictures, you can’t see the whole thing. Paintings can be presented as a story. In paintings, there is no unfolding time. By the camera, paintings are modified by the sounds you hear. Music and rhythm change the significance of a picture. As soon as the meaning of a painting becomes transmittable, it is manipulated. It is changed by the words or music or by the camera. Something interesting is that when children look at images, they interpret them directly. Children are able to recognize how sexually ambivalent certain figures are. This is impressive because many adults fail to recognize the sexual ambivalence of certain paintings.

My question after seeing this video is how do people get permission to take pictures of these works of art? It seems unfair to the artist to take a picture of their work and reproduce it.

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