The Life Of Spanish Lessons By Christine Marin Essay

The Life Of Spanish Lessons By Christine Marin Essay

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Life experience’s
In this year 's presidential election there have been controversy given by one of the candidates, Mr. D. Trump describing my ethnic background as “me” being a rapist, drug dealer, and a person whose convicting criminal crimes. No ethnic group should be categories in these slots because it isn 't true no ethnic race is perfect we shouldn 't blame a whole community for something a small portion is responsible for. Christine Marin the author of Spanish lessons, wrote her life story growing up as a mexican- american and expressing the obstacles she went through, to get where she is right now. A voice. Garten Cook the author of Life with dyslexia, ashamed of having a disorder, having that fixed mindset of avoid making small mistakes that would reveal his hidden secret ; but finally accepting what he has and providing a powerful message at the end by never giving up. Does having something so small you are born into keep you from being successful? My language has cause me to have dark patches along the way being afraid to open my mouth believing I would say the wrong thing , not being able to have that confidence to speak my own mind. Feeling ashamed on where I come from , hearing all those negative comments made me wish I wasn 't bilingual or come from that ethnic background;I don 't want people to look down on me for something a person uneducated stated. Like Martin and Cook, my language and my ethnic background made me feel unworthy of my roots ,but being bilingual is a strength I carry because i 'm capable of speaking two different languages.
I had massive amount of trouble adapting to the english language, due to me having two hispanic parent knowing a small portion of the english language. I wa...

... middle of paper ... capacity yet of speaking the same language as the rest of us. All through the negative I have encountered I have never felt so empowered of my roots. People who struggle the most in life carry such great stories worth sharing to the world.
Those two articles have shown me the gratitude of my flaws I have and by empowering them. I will no longer cover my mistakes but embrace them, I will also no longer neglect my language or where from where I come from. No one should be brought down for speaking two languages or having a disorder because those are just things we are born with. It’s not like we ask for them if we had a choice of course we would want to change our imperfection. But our imperfections make us who we are as individuals. My language and my ethnic background should be embraced now and and no longer feeling that unworthiness of being a proud bilingual

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