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The Life of Sitting Bull Essay

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Sitting Bull was a Lakota Chief who was known for his skills as a warrior as well as his wisdom, which was highly valued by his tribe. In his life he battled against rival Indian tribes such as the Crow, which established him as a great warrior. Later he fought against the United States military, which had invaded their land and tried to take it by both force and by promised they intended to break. In his later years he was a part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, which made him popular with both white men and Indians. Sitting Bull was regarded as both one of the most powerful and one of the most famous Native American Chiefs to have lived.
Sitting Bull was born in 1831 in an area along the Grand River in what is now known as South Dakota. His father was a Sioux warrior named Returns-Again ( and his mother was called Her-Holy-Door. They originally named him Jumping Badger and was given the nickname Hunkesi which stands for “slow”. The reason for calling him Hunkesi was that he was never in a hurry to do anything and the things that he did do he took great care in doing. He was not known for being particularly good at anything in his youth until he killed a buffalo at age ten and proceeded to give the meat to the elders who could not hunt. Four years later at age fourteen he received a coup stick from his father, which was used to strike enemies in battle. He then joined the war party and went into his first battle against a rival tribe called the Crow. During the raid he brought down a Crow warrior with his coup stick which led his father to give him a new name, Tatanka-Iyotanka, or Sitting Bull. The reason for this name is that the Lakota saw the buffalo bull as an animal that was stubborn and unmovable once it sa...

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...Sitting Bull to be arrested so he could not join the dancers. On December 15, 1890 the police dragged Sitting Bull out of his house and ended up shooting him in the head when he resisted. His son Crow Foot was also killed.
For these reasons, Sitting Bull is known as one of the most powerful and popular Indian chiefs to have lived. He was both wise and a skilled warrior, as well as stubborn when it came to dealing with the American’s treaties which shows how he lived up to his name. He has shown to be inspirational to his people in his time as well as to the people of today.

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