The Life of René Descartes Essay

The Life of René Descartes Essay

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Born March, 31st 1569 in La Haye en Touraine France, René Descartes was a very significant philosopher, mathematician, scientist and writer. He attended a Jesuit college at La Flèche. Later named “The Father of Modern Philosophy”, much of western philosophies are a reaction to his books which have been studied meticulously for centuries. Many elements of René’s philosophy have many similarities to that of Aristotle. Descartes was a very influential figure during the 17th century continental rationalist. Descartes’ study of math led him to think very methodically, which allowed him to be one of the first modern philosophers to provide philosophical outline for the natural sciences.

Descartes attempts to create a set of fundamental principles that one can know to be true without doubting. In order to do this he rejects any principle that can be doubted, in doing so he rejects everything and essentially must begin anew to prove how the world functions. Initially he arrives to a sole principle: thought exists. This leads him to prove that if thought cannot be removed from himself the...

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