Life Of Pi By Piscine Molitor Patel Essay

Life Of Pi By Piscine Molitor Patel Essay

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Piscine Molitor Patel, this name carries great significance throughout the novel Life Of Pi. Associations of Pi 's name with water is very clear to the reader. Pi was named after a pool in Paris, Piscine Molitor, Mr. Adirubasamy 's favourite pool, Mr. Adirubasamy also taught Pi how to swim. He then became a skilful swimmer. I believe that the author has incorporated this connection to make Pi 's story of the shipwreck seem more realistic, because Pi is a good swimmer, then he has a skill to aid him in living on an ocean. This is used to enhance the authors credibility and make the fantasized story feel more realistic. Another thing that is interesting about the name Pi, is that it is a very unusual name, we don 't regularly see people with that name every day, and I think this symbolizes that the novel itself is based off fiction. Just like the name Pi, which we don 't hear often, we certainly do not hear the story of a boy living on a boat with a tiger every day.
In addition, when Pi is in university and is introducing himself to each of his classes he uses repetition to explain his name. He says his name, writes it on the board, and underlines it. Pi uses ritual to get people in the habit of calling him Pi. This has significance to his past zoo life. Zoo animals need lots of care, this includes feedings, cleanings, and training. Pi is used to ritual, he knows that animals learn/live off of routine, and repetition, and so he has applied these skills to his classmates indicating a similarity between animals, and humans. Animals learn off of repetition, and routine, as do humans. Pi 's name has a mathematical link which has major symbolism to the entire novel. We all know that Pi is a large, and complicated number. Pi says...

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... a tiger by feeding it a goat in front of them. Pi soon comes to the realization that Christianity, and Islam are not about violence at all, in fact they are about the complete opposite, love. Pi is comparing the violence of animals, to the violence of humans against other humans due to religious contradictions between certain religions, and a difference in lifestyle. Pi finds that it is not the religions themselves that are about hatred, but more so ethnocentrism amongst humans in societies today. Pi is really about loving religions. It constantly appears throughout the novel, even if it is not apparent to the reader. Through each conflict that Pi undergoes on the lifeboat he has strong faith in god, and is sure that god is assisting him through each test he goes through. He resorts to religion as a way of life to fill emptiness, sorrow, and fear along his journey.

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