The Life of Nicolas Copernicus and His Heliocentric Theory Essay

The Life of Nicolas Copernicus and His Heliocentric Theory Essay

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The Life of Nicolas Copernicus and His Heliocentric Theory

Nicolas Copernicus died never knowing what a revolution he made in the scientific world. Mathematicians and scientist like Ptolemy, Newton, and Brahe supported his heliocentric theory. He was born in Poland on February 19th, 1473 the baby of four children. His father was Nicholas Copernicus Sr. died in 1483 when Copernicus was at the young age of ten. He and his sibling went to live with his Uncle Lucas Waltzenrode the bishop of Warmia in Germany. His family’s exceptional wealth allowed him to attend some of the finest schools in Europe. After attending Cracow for mathematics he went to Italy to study canon law. Under the influence of his uncle he become a canon, which is just below a bishop. In Italy he made his first astronomical observation one night with a friend who was a professor of astronomy. Copernicus explored many occupations: a canon, mathematician, and the one he is most known for astronomer.

The Geocentric theory, which means the earth, is the center of the universe and all the other planets rotate...

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