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The Life of Mary Tudor Essay

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What kind of woman full of faith would massacre hundreds of innocents? People have been asking that question of Mary Tudor, a child born into privileged yet mistreatment. As a princess, she grew up believing she was always in the right. This would prove fatal to those who did not share her beliefs and faith. Mary Tudor was born February 18, 1516. She was the only child of King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine of Aragon. Mary was the fifth child of Henry and Catherine. She was the only surviving child though. The others died at birth. Shortly after birth, Mary was baptized into the Catholic religion. When Mary grew older she was moved to the border of Wales with her parents. Her parents lived in a different part of the castle then Mary. She did not get to see them often, but Mary was adored by her mother and King Henry called her the “Pearl of Kingdom.” Before long Henry wanted to present his pearl to the world. Mary’s father started negotiating marriages for her. Various husbands were proposed to her, such as the oldest son of Francis I of France, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, Francis I himself, and several other royal men. King Henry declared his marriage to Catherine annulled. Catherine was enraged when she found out. She sent a message to her nephew Emperor Charles V asking for help. Charles’s armies controlled Rome and the pop so when the king asked for a divorce, the pope denied him. Later Henry finally got his wish to divorce Catherine. Shortly after, King Henry married Anne Boleyn. Boleyn had feared that Mary would challenge her to the throne. She pressed for an Act of Parliament to declare Mary illegitimate. King Henry’s spies told him that Boleyn had been having affairs. Henry had her arrested f...

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... 1558 Mary woke up for Mass and spoke more clearly than she had in months. When it was over she closed her eyes and died.
Some might say what Mary did was out of ignorance, others say out of injustice. She believed she was God’s gift to mankind, an angel sent to earth to educate and punish. In some ways she was an angel; an angel of death showing no mercy to the non believers. She began as a true princess, then an illegitimate one. That did not stop her from trying to make everyone think like her, act like her and believe as she.

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