The Life of Leonhard Euler Essay

The Life of Leonhard Euler Essay

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The Life of Leonhard Euler
Leonhard Paul Euler was born on April 15th, 1707 in Basel, Switzerland and died on November18th, 1783 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Even from a young age, Euler was discovered by many, including his father (Paulus) and instructor (Johann I Bernoulli), to be extraordinarily proficient in mathematics. When he was just 15 years of age, Euler concluded his studies at the University of Basel. Euler wrote a prize winning paper explaining the best organization of masts on a sailing ship at 19 years old. The book was entitled Meditationes super problemate nautico… and the award he received was from the Academy of Sciences in Paris. In 1727, he submitted a dissertation regarding sound (Dissertatio physica de sono) in Basel. Euler was denied a physics professorship. The sons of his instructor Bernoulli, Nicholas and Daniel, urged him to progress to the St. Petersburg Academy in Russia, which could meet his level of positive tenacity in the field of mathematics and physics.
Once in St. Petersburg, Euler met with Jacob Hermann, Daniel Bernoulli, and an amateur mathematician and diplomat, Christian Goldbach. He wrote in excess of 100 scientific papers and advanced his fundamental work on mechanics over the span from 1727 to 1741. Euler was invited by Fredrick the Great to go to the Akademie in Berlin. He spent 25 years in Berlin, which did not impede on his academic work. Among other pieces, he created the calculus of variations, rewrote and translated Benjamin Robins’ treatise on artillery, and wrote the Introductio in analysin infinitorum. Euler was invited to return to St. Petersburg by Katherine II as a result from disputes with the Court in 1766. He returned with the locals looking up to him with hon...

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