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The Life Of Jonathan Edwards Essays

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Not many people realize how much they truly affect another person indirectly. Just the way someone perceives another can change their whole dynamic of life. This can be shown in the life of Jonathan Edwards, a renowned protestant amid the 18th century. Born in East Windsor, Edwards grew up in a well-educated church family. While attending Collegiate School (later Yale University), Edwards met a girl named Sarah Pierrepont, who he later married. Though already a part of the church, Edwards’ appreciation of Sarah and her faith may have very well led to his famous writings including “Images of Divine Things”. Between all of these famous writings, Edwards wrote a book specifically for his wife Sarah. Within this book, a passage titled “On Sarah Pierrepont” reveals Edwards’ true admiration of his wife. This passage shows that not only did Sarah serve Edwards’ as his wife but also his backbone to his faith. With her unbreakable faith alone, gave Edwards a goal in which he wanted to reach in his own faith.
Edwards’ love for his wife and his admiration of her faith can be easily seen throughout the passage. Edwards starts the passage by writing, “They say there is a young lady in [New Haven] who is beloved of that almighty Being, who made and rules the world,…”(704). Edwards doesn’t start the passage by showing Sarah’s faith, but instead shows God’s love for Sarah. He could have said “there is a young lady who has an impeccable faith in God”, however he chose not to go in that direction. By doing this, Edwards shows his admiration for Sarah’s relationship with God. The second part of the sentence, Edwards states, “…in some way or other invisible, comes to her and fills her mind with exceeding sweet delight, and she hardly cares for anyth...

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...ssage with this statement, Edwards describes his wife as always having a friend by her side no matter where she is. The word invisible, shows what Edwards sees as his wife wanders the fields and mountains; however, Sarah may see a different picture. Because of this, Edwards longs to see what Sarah sees and experiences.
Throughout the passage “On Sarah Pierrepont”, Edwards shows his admiration for his wife’s faith by describing it with words life sweet and pure. Though Edwards did grow up in a church family, Sarah was the one who was Edwards backbone in his own faith. Edwards wrote this passage in 1723, four years before he married Sarah Pierrepont (704). This shows that Edwards admired her faith so much he wanted to experience it on a personal level. By being with someone who has an impeccable faith, leads the person to drive for the same experience as their own.

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