Life of Isaac Newton

Life of Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton built a fundamental of physics. He is an English physician, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian. He is superior in many ways. He invented a reflecting microscope, so he developed a theory of color, which is proved by prism. He published ‘Philosophiea Naturalis Principia Mathematica(Lantin for “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” usually called the Principia)’ in 1687. It became a masterpiece with just published. This great book includes a theory of gravity and the Newton’s three laws. He also formulated an empirical law of cooling and studied the speed of sound. Moreover, he proved helicocentrism by his theory of gravitation and kepler’s law of planetary motion.

Isaac Newton was born on 4 January 1643 at Woolsthorpe Manor in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, a hamlet in the country of Lincolnshire. There was Puritan Revolution when he was born. He was born three months after the death of his father, who was a prosperous farmer also named Isaac Newton. He was born prematurely, so he was a really small child. When he was three, his mother Hannah Ayscough remarried and lived with her new husband, the Reverend Barnabus Smith. Newton cared of maternal grandmother, Margery Ayscough. When he was ten years old, his mother who lost her new husband came back to Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth with three boys. Newton detested his stepfather, and he abhorred his mother for remarrying. He had written in a list of sins committed up, ‘Threatening father and mother Smith to burn them and the house over them’. He was once engaged to a Miss Storey, and he never married. He highly engrossed in his studies and work. His mother Hannah Ayscough wanted Newton to be a farmer, and she was unconcerned with education. She also begrudged spending money for his education. From the age of about twelve until he was seventeen, Newton was educated at The King’s School, Grantham. He was removed from school by October 1659. His mother forced him to be a farmer. He hated farming. Henry Stokes, master at the King’s School, persuaded his mother to send him back to school so that he might complete his education. He was sent to school, and he became the top-ranked student. In June 1661, he was admitted to Trinity College, Cambridge. At that time, the colledge’s teaching styles were based on Aristotle, but Newton preferred to read advanced ideas of modern philosophers, such as Descartes, and also he was interested in reading of astronomers such as Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler.

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In 1665, he discovered the infinitesimal calculus. Soon after Newton had obtained his degree in August 1665, the university temporarily closed as a precaution against the Great Plague. During he studied at home for two years, he was working on development of optics, calculus, and the law of gravitation. In 1667, he returned to Cambridge as a fellow of Trinity. Fellows were required to become ordained priests. However, Newton desired to avoid it, because of his unorthodox view. In the 1690s, Newton wrote numerous religious tracts dealing with the literal interpretation of the Bible. Henry More’s belief in the Universe and rejection of Cartesian dualism may have affected Newton’s religious ideas. On 31 March, 1727 he died in his sleep. He was at the age of 84. His body was later found to contain a high concentration of mercury, probably accounting for his odd behaviors later in life.


Isaac Newton was modest and introspective person. He was also principled, and having a highly concentration. For example, he was bothered by his classmates during school time, because he was so introspective and small. It was the motivated partly by a desire for revenge to them, and he became the top-ranked student. Also, there was one more interesting tale about his highly concentration. When he started to study, nobody could interrupt him. He was so concentrated in his work. He also had a strong passion to experiment. For instance, to know what change with pressure on eyes, so he was trying to poke his eyes with a sharp thing.

Religion and Political ties

Newton’s studies of the Bible and of the early Church Fathers were not noteworthy. In the 1690s, Newton wrote numerous religious tracts dealing with the literal interpretation of the Bible. Henry More’s belief in the Universe and rejection of Cartesian dualism may have affected Newton’s religious ideas. Isaac Newton was not a Christian. He was a monotheist who believed in biblical prophecies. Historian Stephen D. Snobelen says of Newton, “Isaac Newton was a heretic. But he never made a public declaration of his private faith-which the orthodox would have deemed extremely radical. He hid his faith so well that scholars are still unraveling his personal beliefs.” He wrote more on religion than he did on nature science. However, he was not so famous as in nature science. He also had political ties. He became a professor of Cambridge, but he was less concentration on lecture. He was highly concentrated on experiment. Queen Anne Knighted Newton in April 1705 during a royal visit to Cambridge. He was made President of the Royal Society in 1703 and an associate of the French Acadmie des Sciences. In may 1705, rather than any recognition of Newton’s scientific work or services as Master of the Mint. Newton was the second scientists to be knighted, after Sir Francis Bacon.

Contributions to Physics

The discovery of spectrum, the discovery of gravity, rectilinear propagation of light, and the equation for the velocity of sound are Newton’s great work to contribute on physics. The discovery of gravity was discovered under the apple tree in 1666. When Newton was dozing under the apple tree, one apple fell down to his head. So, he was curious why the apple tree fall down straightly. And finally, he realized that there is a power, which the apple fell down straightly. Therefore, he discovered gravity and it applies to planets and all matters of the earth. This year was called ‘The Year of Miracle’. In this time, he was studying to solve of 23 problems simultaneously. As a result, he also formulated an empirical law of cooling. He published ‘Philosophiea Naturalis Principia Mathematica(Lantin for “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” usually called the Principia)’ in 1687.

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