The Life of Ho Chi Minh

The Life of Ho Chi Minh

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Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh was born on May 19, 1890 in Hoang Tru, Vietnam. His real name is Nguyen Sinh Cung and later changes to Ho Chi Minh for what’s he’s famous for. His father name is Nguyen Sinh Huy. His father has an anti-French attitude, but Ho Chi Minh also has a sister named Thanh and a brother named Khiem. Ho Chi Minh mostly gets his influence from his father due to Vietnam was the time of the French imperialism was in power. During the French colonial reign, Ho Chi Mih was considered a modern day hero, which inspires many Vietnamese people to follow him to overthrow the French off of their country to win independence for freedom.
Ho Chi Minh demonstrated heroism through his life experience and the hardships and struggles to accomplish his goals to victory to keep Vietnam united and independent from foreign invaders. He was born in Hoang Tru, Vietnam with his father, Nguyen Sinh Huy. In addition, his father had an anti-French attitude when his father works in the government and got fired. His father was Ho Chi Minh’s inspiration. During the time in imperialism, Ho Chi Minh had a wretched childhood, but around in his teenager years, he was able to study at grammar school in Hue. His struggles was to maintain the French off of Vietnam because he is tired of being controlled, Vietnam as a colony. He demonstrated heroism when he fought for his country’s freedom for years. He makes an organization of his own group of Vietnamese supporters to join forces with him to stop the French colonial power. Ho Chi Minh was experience hero who stands up for himself and knows how to fight for Vietnam’s freedom from the French colonialism.
Ho Chi Minh’s deed as a hero was he demonstrated heroism with responsibility, honesty, focus and courage. His responsibility was to keep Vietnam united from falling apart as it seen from the Vietnam War when the North and South Vietnam was split in halves. His courage was to organize the French colonial powers, alongside with French Indochina supporters as well too. He waged the battle very long against the great European colonial powers. Moreover, he displayed honesty that he promised to help his people of Vietnam to keep other foreign invaders power off of Vietnam, which is one of his main goals. He focuses on his main goals to keep his country in peace from falling apart because of the colonial powers.

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Therefore, his actions were courageous and responsible that he could able to focus on the huge colonial problems all by himself along with his supporters. He was completely honest with his supporters that he will bring the French down if people could able to resist them.
Ho Chi Minh had died a long time ago, but people today still honor him for his courageous actions in Vietnam. He died from a heart failure at his home in 1969. He was 79 years old at that time. Before he died, he wanted to see North and South Vietnam united again as Socialist Republic of Vietnam. After the fall of Saigon, the city was later renamed as “Ho Chi Minh City” to honor him for what he did to win independence and freedom for his country.
Lloyd, Dana. World Leaders Past and Present: Ho Chi Minh. New York: Chelsea House, 1986. Print.
Ho Chi Minh is considered as a modern day hero for he did that he took a responsibility and courage to free Vietnam from French colonial powers as well as the other invaders too. It takes the time for him to achieve his goal to see Vietnam being independence and free from imperialism with the help from his supporters that willing to help him to accomplish it. However, his actions were courageous and he was absolutely great at speaking publicity to stand up for his country’s independence. He’s willing to do anything to free Vietnam from the French. He wanted everyone and even himself, to stand up when he sees his country falls into doom, but help everyone to fight back against the French.

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