The Life of Hayao Miyazaki Essay

The Life of Hayao Miyazaki Essay

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This research will discuss the life of the master of animation Hayao Miyazaki, animation career, contributions and his work. Also It will mention his influence on the world and the wards he won over the years.

Hayao Miyazaki is a former Japanese animator, film director, illustrator, screenwriter and mangaka. He worked in this field for more than sixty years and has achieved international acclaim for being one of the best anime films maker and storyteller, he co-founded Studio Ghibli along with Isao Takahata, a film and animation studio, his films were successful that it was compared with some of the best American animators like Walt Disney, also the American director Steven Spielberg.

Miyazaki began working in the field of animation since 1963, and he used to work for Toei Animation. He worked so hard in various parts in the animation field until he was able to direct his own feature film Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro in 1979. After producing many feature films and princess mononoki Miyazaki that was the highest-grossing film in Japan Miyazaki retired temporary in 1997.

Miyazaki came back to the animation field strongly with his feature film Spirited Away, which won Picture of the year academy awards, and it was the first anime film to win an American Academy Awards. The Wind Rises was his final feature-length film after that Miyazaki announced it in the first of September 2013.

Miyazaki’s Style
Miyazaki’s works have very special styles and themes such as feminism, which was in most of his films, pacifism, environmentalism and the absence of evil. Many of his films highlight environmentalism and the Earth’s fragilely; he believes much of modern culture is “thin and shallow and fake”. A lot of his films fea...

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...f languages and people from around of the world loved his films. In the UAE was translated into Arabic, and he inspired a lot of locals to enter the animation field.
Finally, even if Miyazaki has retired from the animation industry his work will always remain on of the best out there; his name will still shine between famous animators. In my opinion Miyazaki’s work changed the world in a good way because his films always tell great stories that affects people from all ages, his style and creativity make his films very special. His journey of making films lasted more than fifty years of great work but it eventually has to end. The Wind Rises was Miyazaki’s last feature film, Miyazaki stated in a press conference “my era of animation is over” which I find very sad, he also confirmed that he will not be involving in any Ghibli Studio future feature films.

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