The Life Of Florence Nightingale, John Stuart Mill, Mona Caird, Lord Alfred Tennyson, And Bernard Shaw

The Life Of Florence Nightingale, John Stuart Mill, Mona Caird, Lord Alfred Tennyson, And Bernard Shaw

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Life as a Woman in the Victorian Age
During the Victorian Age, defined by the long reign of Queen Victoria from 1837-1901, was a time of industrialization in England, political unrest, and education. One subject that ties all of these topics together is women. Like in previous centuries the treatment of women is a continued discussion that carried on into and past the Victorian Age. By reading the works of Florence Nightingale, John Stuart Mill, Mona Caird, Lord Alfred Tennyson, and Bernard Shaw we can catch a glance at how society viewed women. In the following we take a look at the effect of Marriage & Divorce had on women, Education and the access to it, and Employment with all of its variety and the conditions that women worked in.
The ability to get married is a fairly simple one as long as you have the right documents and a certified Officiant, even during the Victorian age. Mary Wollstonecraft always believed in the right of women during her lifetime and her work reflected that; which inspired other authors such as John Stuart Mill and Mona Caird. Caird made the assertion that the institution of marriage is only that of a social construct and was "far from being a relationship ordained by God, marriage was an association that could and ought to be reinvented to promote freedom and equality for both partners". (Robson, 1608)
In the section of the "Woman Question" Florence Nightingale 's Cassandra gives a good account of what the inside of a marriage is like in the 19th century and questions it; like what do they really have to talk about? What nourishes that connection between husband and wife? Nightingale makes the statement that a 'true marriage ', where a man and woman become one perfect being, most likely does not ...

... middle of paper ... 't in the bad conditions of a mine or factory. During the Crimean War Florence Nightingale organized a contingent of nurses to care for the wounded soldiers as a part of her efforts to show collect data for research on medicine and health, she showed that being a nurse and treating the sick and wounded soldiers did reflect the "traditional" view of a woman in society.(Weller, 143-146)
Throughout the sixty-three years of the Victorian Era women have been able to get more rights for her property and children, in a marriage or after divorce, have an opportunity at obtaining an education and having safe work conditions, whether in a factory or in prostitution. Because of these authors we can observe the struggles of life for women through there Essays and Poems that they wrote, either to spite others or to help raise awareness for the cause that they believed in.

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