The Life of Fidel Castro Essays

The Life of Fidel Castro Essays

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Fidel Castro
Throughout history, when you look back, you find many countries that fall under a control that turns things in an opposite direction of where they were pointed. In Cuba, this was under Prime Minister, Fidel Castro. Born on August 13, 1926 in the wedlock at his father’s farm, Castro would live here until age 8 when he would go live with his teacher. He was not well behaved, and would find himself traveling in out of different schools. He did not excel academically and found his place in sports instead. Although not extremely disciplined to work, he attended The University of Havana, studying law. He joined student activist groups, this school though was known for their violent gang like culture. He was strongly against imperialism and did not agree with the United States being involved in the Caribbean. He decided to get more involved in politics with his heavy opinions.
In 1947, Castro became a part of the Party of Cuban People. Fidel started receiving death threats, and told to leave the University at once. But, strong willed and determined, Castro refused and carried a gun and had friends protect him. After much tension and fights, Castro was able to overcome this and went on to more of his goals. After graduating, he co-founded a legal business, which was a failure. Castro found his “hero” in Chibas, who shared his political views openly on the radio, who believed Cuba’s biggest fear was corruption. This “hero” lead to Fidel believing he was his heir and he should run for congress. In 1952, he did just that, he was then elected for the House of Representatives. Soon, plans for Cuba would change through a bad ruler, a one-man dictatorship.
Fulgencio Batista, seemed to Castro and many other Cub...

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...y called Cayo Piedra. South of the Bay of Pigs, the island was reportedly serviced by several hundred yacht workers. One of his five yachts reportedly served as a floating hospital. Sanchez also said that the commercial fishing boats that supplied food for Cayo Piedra sold the surplus catch in Havana, while Castro pocketed the cash” (Daily News, Fidel Castro’s Former Bodyguard).
From the outside Fidel can seem like he is doing exactly what he says he is. Although he cannot fool the world forever. Castro was seen as a cruel, harsh, one-sided leader. He pulled away completely from the United States during his rule. He then, turned his back completely and sided with the Russians, and was on the verge of a Nuclear War. Or the end of the world, for many. Not only did he inflict hardships on Cubans but on the entire world. His effects are still ever present today.

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