The Life of Edgar Allan Poe Essay

The Life of Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19 1809 with the name of Edgar Poe as well as a brother and sister. When he became one his father abandoned Poe’s mom and him shortly followed by his mom’s death. Now orphaned he was taken in by a successful scottish merchant with the name of John Allan. Although John never legally adopted Edgar he renamed him Edgar Allan Poe and took care of him. Later on John Allan moved his family to Britain where Poe enrolls in a grammar school located in Irvine, Scotland. Then he stopped the class the following year and rejoined his parents before he became a student in the a boarding school found in Chelsea. He then proceeded to the University of Virginia where he quarreled with his father about gambling debts. After one year Edgar Allan Poe quit the university after his debts increased more and more, not feeling that he would be accepted by his family he decided to enlist in the army with a false name and age.

In the Army he was given a wage of 5 dollars a month for a military contract of 5 years. In the military he published his first book called “Tamerlane and Other Poems”. After a while he was assigned to be an artillery loader where his wage became 10 dollars. When it reached the second year of his 5 year contract he decided to quit, revealing his real name and age. There was a problem however, he needed his parents to consent to Poe’s legal discharge. However John Allan was not willing to agree at first, but when his wife died he agreed to Edgar’s discharge. After Poes discharge he was sent to West Point as a cadet. At the same time his father disowned Edgar Allen Poe because of great quarrels due to John Allan’s second wife, which he married after his first wife’s death.

At this time Edg...

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...tually died.

Edgar Allan Poe was then somehow found on the streets of Baltimore where he was picked up by a resident in a horrible condition. He was then taken to a hospital where he died after four days, up to this day no one knows what the cause of his death was because his medical record was destroyed. After his death Rufus Wilmot Grisworld created a false biography of Edgar Allan Poe because of his jealousy. Rufus stated that Poe was a drunk and drug addict and used forged letters as proof. Sadly many people believed in Rufus’ biography because it was the only one with Edgar Allan Poe’s complete life. Edgar Allan Poe made a very great contribution to the world of poetry that the world will read for many millenniums further.

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