Essay Life Of Crime : The Story Of Floyd Lawton

Essay Life Of Crime : The Story Of Floyd Lawton

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Life of Crime: The Story of Floyd Lawton
The Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report, reported an estimate of 1,165,383 violent crimes that was committed in the year of 2014. Also, there was an estimate of 8,277,829 property crimes committed that same year.
Floyd Lawton a 47 year old man who was born in Chicago Illinois, but now resides in New York City tells me about his life of crime. Lawton who is now preacher at the local church was once a drug user, shoplifter, and carjacker and amongst other things tells me his life and how he got involve in the world of addiction and crime.
Growing up in Chicago according to Lawton was not easy, he had a mother who was sick with cancer and a father who was an alcoholic, but wasted no time to get drunk and take his anger out on Floyd. Floyd was the only child so the need to set an example was not necessary, however, the idea of a role model was nonexistent. School was not a place where he though he belonged mostly because he felt that he did not fit in, and he felt much comfort being around the neighborhood youngsters who he felt more connected to. At an early age Lawton was warned by police officers after a disturbance call was made against him and his friends due to playing loud music and braking windows of abandon buildings in his community. At age twelve he witnessed his uncle taking drugs in the kitchen, his uncle invited him to take his first sniff. Going to high school he gained friends that thought it would have been a good idea to start a clique/gang. He did not know what he was doing completely, all he thought was that he did not want to let his friends down and look like a “punk”. He got into many fight, was disrespectful in school and he disrespected his elders most...

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... and counsellor are all actions that could be made to improve the community, family and all other institutions that bonds individuals to society.
Crimes occur daily and no matter someone’s social status, we are all capable of crime. In the case of Lawton, he accepts full responsibility for the actions he took, no matter the circumstances. While I was conducting this research I came to acknowledge that crime is not something imprinted in our DNA, however, basic survival is. The ability to commit crime is a learnt behavior, where people adopt from the environment coupled with whatever social pressures surrounding the individual. The reasons for his life of crime was a combination of peer pressure, cultural influences and his own personal influences. And for all his reasons there were criminological as well as sociological theories that support why he did what he did.

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