Life of Black Revolutionists in 1950s Essay

Life of Black Revolutionists in 1950s Essay

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Life of Black Revolutionist the 1950s
Race and racial identity has always been the heart of American history. In the United States, these forces were very strong especially for African-Americans who were emerging from a long time of slavery and oppression. This led to the rise of Civil Rights Movement which mostly composed of the black revolutionists and a few white supporters. This essay focuses on the life of an African-American in the 50s, how they were involved in the movement and the success that the movement achieved.
Life of Black Revolutionist the 1950s
American history was characterized by the ugly reality of racial discrimination and different individuals and groups took part in fighting the vice (Library of Congress). African-Americans responded in different ways. For instance Booker T. Washington (1856-1915), advocated for industrial schooling for African-Americans and gradual social adjustment but opposed political and civil rights. The reformer Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) called for complete racial separatism and even started the popular project of "Back-to-Africa” where Africans would return to their origin. A different however was adopted which emphasized that African-Americans were in America to stay and would fight for their freedom and political equality. This is what led to the modern civil rights movement. The Civil Rights Movement in the United States was one of these movements. It was campaign of the African-Americans that was dedicated to fight for the equal treatment of all races. This is because the African-Americans did not have the same rights as the whites due to their skin color. For example the African-Americans were not allowed to vote, they were not permitted to attend the same schoo...

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... repression and violence supported and condoned by the government. There have also been visible changes at the cultural level where there has been witnessed widespread and increased participation of African-Americans in sports and popular culture, including television, music, and film.
In conclusion, though the evils of white supremacy are still being felt, there has been progressive change of different aspects in favor of the African-Americans compared to the time before the rise of the civil rights movement.

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