The Life Of An Hour By Kate Chopin Essay

The Life Of An Hour By Kate Chopin Essay

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Rest in Peace
One of the uttermost remarkable transformations to women throughout the world took place during the 19th century. Moreover, this renovations led to notable changes in women’s roles. During this period of time the portrayal of females was to follow their chores in their homes and to take care of the children. In contrast, the role of men during this phase was to regulate the laws in their family. Kate Chopin was a writer that described precisely the reality of women in her vast number of stories. One of her most notorious and outstanding pieces was written in 1894. “The Story of an Hour” is a formidable dramatic piece of literature due to the fact that it implies elements of fiction such as irony, imagery, and an adequate setting.

Firstly, irony is incorporated in this story when Mrs. Mallard receives the unfortunate news of her husband’s passing and she is surprisingly all right. Her first reaction when receiving the tragic news was melancholic but as time progresses she starts feeling joy and satisfaction. This emotions changed dramatically within a matter of minutes when she goes up to her room feeling grief and she opens the window to contemplate the beautiful landscape and she feels free. Kate Chopin analyzes and describes the adjustment of sentiments when she says, "Free! Body and soul free!" she kept whispering.” Mrs. Mallard little by little starts realizing her husband’s passing and her freedom. The scene when she opens the window has much symbolism behind it due to the fact that it describes a new beginning and a new life. The idea of irony in this narrative is implemented on the sequence of emotions Mrs. Mallard experienced from despair to comfort when receiving the news of Mr. Mallard’s death and visualiz...

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...y that what Chopin is trying to point out in this story is that all Mrs. Mallard wanted was to experience being free for once in her life.
All in all, “The Story of an Hour” is a substantial piece of literature because it depicts a vast number of emotions of how marriage was seen in the nineteenth century. Furthermore, in this story written in 1894 we see how women and men had much different roles and rules to follow. The idea during this time was pretty much that women depended on a spouse and once married the simple idea of getting a divorce was something impossible. Therefore, the feelings Mrs. Mallard display all through the story are for the simple fact that she wanted to feel free for once in her life and she wanted to try new things out. To conclude, Kate Chopin successfully integrated influential elements of fiction such as irony, imagery and a great setting.

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