Life Of An Adult By George Bernard Shaw Essay

Life Of An Adult By George Bernard Shaw Essay

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Marriage is a beautiful thing they say, the formal recognition of two people as a partner in a relationship. It is one of the oldest sociocultural practice in the world. Some people believed it is a tuning point in life. An elevation or promotion to a real life of an adult. George Bernard Shaw defined marriage as an institution that brings two people together under the influence of delusive and most transient of "Passion". Passion and Love is believed to be the elements that triggers the idea of marriage between two people. common agreement and consent of both parties involved is required by the law before this ritual can be legally authorized. Unfortunately it not always like that. This oldest and the most common sociocultural practice tends to harbor one of the worst act of human right violation around the world. In the year 2013, the international center for research on woman estimated approximately 52 million girls were forced into a marriage. Even though to forced one into marriage violates the victim 's Human right under the article 16 of the universal Declaration of Human right, yet Forced and child marriage is rarely been viewed as human right violation in its self. In this article, I will concentrate on the issue of Forced and Child marriage in developing nations, African and middle Eastern precisely. I will look into the historical background and the impact of this taboo on these communities, I would elaborates on the perpetuates and the reasons, as well as the consequences. I will also sample two case of a Yemeni girls, Nada and Rawan in the Middle Easter and I will cites some of the UN efforts and proposed solution to the issue.
Rawan case in brief.
Rawan was 8 year old girl from Yemen, she was forced to married a m...

... middle of paper ..., religious beliefs, and weak justice mechanisms (Human Right Watch-2015).
There are also cases where parents willingly marry off their under age daughters in preventing the risk of unwanted sexual advances and promiscuity, the act which they believed protected the family dignity, at the same time increase the family income. The taboo of making sure a bride still a virgin until she got married is the excuse for some family for there decision of willingly marrying off their young girls, while the high dowry for virgin are the reason for other.
Another taboo called Promised marriage is also practice in some culture in Africa and the middle east, where the family will promise their new born daughter to another family who will properly proposed marriage. Some culture practice what is known as abduction marriage, also known as bride kidnapping or marriage by capture,

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