The Life Of A Nursing Home Essay

The Life Of A Nursing Home Essay

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Have you ever been in a nursing home or in an environment where there were senior citizens? If so, have you ever wonder about their journey through life? Well, I’ve most certainly have, creating this biography gave me an opportunity to have an insight, on how someone once live their life and the obstacles they went through to be the person they are today. I was blessed with the pleasure of interviewing my Great-Uncle by the name of Gary Belizaire, whom is a retired veteran. This assignment couldn’t have been given at a better time. This weekend I took a trip back to my hometown of Miami, Florida. I was eager to reunite with all my loved ones. Once I told my mother that I was coming down for the weekend it was a celebration. My mother took it upon herself to reunite the family for my return, my Aunts, Sisters, Brothers, Great-Aunts and many more were in attendance. Most of the children were in the backyard playing and chatting, while the adults were inside the home eating and catching up on each other’s life. I was in the kitchen with my mother and a few of her aunties and uncles. While preparing the food, I overheard my great uncle say “you wouldn’t last a day in my shoes, especially at the early stage in life. The things I’ve seen and experienced in the war is indescribable” he says to my auntie who joked about his life being an easy journey. That statement struck a chord in my head, I remember the assignment that was given. I decided to conduct the interview on Veteran Gary Belizaire. The way he spoke with such passion and conviction, defending his past history was mind-blowing. I wanted to interview a person who had an intriguing story to tell and a patriotic person. I knew he was the type of interviewee I wanted to interview. ...

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...wards them. Sometime it takes time to adjust and accept change the older you get. I personal appreciate this assignment. You’ll able to see a thought process of someone who was born in a different time period as yourself. I found out some new and interesting facts about my Great-Uncle. If I never conducted this interview I may have never knew certain information. One MAJOR concern I observer in the interview is the frequent pauses throughout the discussion. Gary was making sure he remember every information correctly. He stated that Alzheimer’s is something very common in his age group. With age, some elderly slower start to forget their memory and revise back into a child. That’s huge topic and concern in the elderly community. A person would live a long life and towards the ending, they start to forget everything they ever accomplished and the life they once lived.

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