Essay on The Life Of A New Life

Essay on The Life Of A New Life

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Awoken by the streaming glare of the sun peaking through her window, she stretched out her legs to find a major charley horse forming throughout her entire calf. The long car ride had nearly wiped her out. What a fantastic way to start her morning in this unique town. There was also no coffee in this frigid, junky apartment how was she supposed to function she thought. However, as she argued with herself in her head, she tried to force those negative thoughts to the back of her mind. Staring aimlessly up at the popcorn ceiling, she noticed there were a few cobwebs drifting here and there. Gross. Today she needed to find a job, to start a new life. Slowly, thinking about what had happened, and how she 'd run from her crumpled old life, she began to panic. How was she supposed to live entirely by herself? Leaving everything behind was not a choice.It was a necessity. Gathering her resolve, she determined that today would mark a new journey in this life, she has broken free. She is Emma.
Stumbling out of bed in her red flannel pajamas, Emma thought about the saving from two paychecks the pajamas had cost her from her former waitressing job at the swanky Old Joe’s. Emma shook of the thought, I left that town and that job, I cannot believe I stayed there that long. Maybe this will be a healthier start, somewhere new, maybe something worthy will happen here. After all, she did travel over seven hundred miles to escape the tiny town of Merdan. The little red 1997 Toyota that her Grandma Berta salvaged for her, after her deadbeat dad took everything, miraculously made it safely to her destination, New Haven. Risky is the only thought that comes to mind when she thinks about her decision to leave at two o 'clock in the morning yesterda...

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...had that nagging feeling that everything she left behind would resurface and find her.
As she started making her rounds, she already had six tables under her belt. She felt extra confident in her abilities and felt welcomed. Karaoke was well underway, numerous locals had already made their way up, and even more were becoming brave. Her customers had been patient with her and made her feel welcomed. The encouragement she received from Momma and Jon, also made her feel better. She felt as though she found a brand-new home. She could do this. She could live on her own. She felt confident as she strutted around taking orders, delivering the food, and making a handful of new friends. The door to Momma Bears flew open, there was a commotion off in the distance that she didn 't recognize. Screams were heard, followed by instant silence. Everything went dark. Emma was gone.

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