Essay about Life Of A High School Student

Essay about Life Of A High School Student

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We know you lead a busy life, full of activities, many of which are required of you. Tell us about something you do for the pleasure of it. (*)(100 words or fewer)

School, applications, sports, the life of a high school student seems riddled with work, with little free time to be spared. However, with this constant flow of activities, pleasant ones are few and in between. For myself, my favorite pleasurable activities are the ones that I am able to partake in alongside my other activities. Listening to an interesting audio section, or a tidbit of a comedy makes the most grueling assignments more bearable. Activities, in my opinion, which remain enjoyable along with a primary activity help bring excitement to the busy portions of life.

Although you may not yet know what you want to major in, which department or program at MIT appeals to you and why? (*) (100 words or fewer)

Throughout high school, students experience smaller portions of the departments that colleges offer. My experiences during high school has heavily influenced my decision on my future, college and beyond. MIT offers one of the finest opportunities in Engineering, my department of choice. Engineering, in general, but specifically Chemical, has always appealed to the portions of learning that I not only enjoy the most, but feel I can contribute to in the future. Planning not only for college, but into the future field of engineering, possibilities seem to flow for my future self.

At MIT, we seek to develop in each member of our community the ability and passion to work collaboratively for the betterment of humankind. How have you improved the lives of others in your community? (This could be one person or many, at school or at home, in your neighborhood or yo...

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...provides you an unbound future. What will yours be? (max 150 words)

Past my college experience, the future is a broad expanse of possibilities. Many occupations and endeavors interest me, within my field of interest. My goal for the future is to make a change within my field, or a difference. I aim to dedicate myself to the future, to my job, friends, and family. With respect to that goal, the preparation throughout my childhood and college conducts me. My current interests mold the future. Through them, I am able to plan for my perfect future, and adjust my current path to achieve it. An enjoyable job, loving family, and overcoming the challenges presented to me by life. With the support of Georgia Tech, my goals are within my reach. However, the future is fluid and mercurial. I believe that the education I receive at Georgia Tech will prepare me for lives changes.

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