Life Of A Death And A Birth Essay examples

Life Of A Death And A Birth Essay examples

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When one thinks about a death and a birth, they do not tend think about their similarities. One example of how they can be similar is how people gather for both. Before a baby is born, a celebration, or a baby shower, is held. Baby showers are held not only so that the mother can receive gifts in preparation for the new baby, but also so that they can welcome the new addition to the family. When the time comes, and a loved one dies, the family members hold a funeral. A funeral is not only so that the family can grieve, but also so that they can celebrate the person that has died. The family is celebrating the time that they had with this person, before they died. There is also preparation for these two celebrations. When a person, usually a family member or close friend, does a baby shower, there is a considerable amount of preparation. A person needs to get the food, the drinks, the decorations, and many things that go along with a baby shower theme. When a person prepares for death, they might write a will of some sort, so that their belongings can go to certain people. Preparation for a death might also be a funeral, like picking out the coffin, who is going to speak, and where it will be held. Both of these are also part of the life cycle. When someone dies, there are many babies being born. Every year, around 90,000 people die in the hospital. The birth rate per year though, is 12.4, per 1,000 population that is. These two topics can be compared by the emotions that people feel when these two events take place, the memories of the people that take part in these events, and the loved ones that join together, and set aside their differences.
Another reason that these two topics are similar is that everyone is fearful of t...

... middle of paper ... remember what happened at a certain point in time, and they are thought of as the lucky ones. Many things can take part in how these two occasions can be thought of as similar, but they can also be different. This depends on how the person wants to look back at a memory. Some may think about all of the good times that they had with a person who has died, but many people tend to just look at the fact that that person did die. There are many different outlooks on different subjects, and these two tend to not be thought of as the same. These two subjects are part of the life cycle though, the beginning and the end. A birth is the beginning, when one is pure and nothing has happened that they will remember yet. A death is the end of the life cycle, where one has made many memories, most of the time, and has lived their life the way that they wanted, some of the time.

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