The Life Of A Beautiful Young Couple Essay

The Life Of A Beautiful Young Couple Essay

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A beautiful young couple is coming to take a look at me today. I finally have a chance to protect and warm a soon to be growing family. John Proctor swings my front door open for his newlywed Elizabeth. With curiosity and gasps Elizabeth wanders and many rooms and hallways, marveling at my polished hardwood floors and abundant amount of smooth countertops she can use to prepare large family meals on. John is impressed at my sturdy foundation and lack of imperfections. I am quite strong for I have been built by the hands of men who allow God to radiate within them and with the best materials those men could get. This has allowed me to be the house I am today. With only a few signatures and a set price I will become a home in just a few moments.
In time, it is once again the changing of the seasons. I feel myself expanding in the warm air of spring and summer and contracting in the frigidness of autumn and winter which make my bones ache. A few years have passed since the Proctors have hauled every one of their belongings into my once emptiness. My walls have been redecorated many times now and my furniture rearranged. Being a family with John and Elizabeth has surely had its ups and downs. Every day was a fun new adventure until that wasn’t enough. Elizabeth craved a family with a child, perhaps two. Season after season her and John tried to have a baby. They went to church every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday and each week they prayed to God for the opportunity of raising a family. But as the seasons turned into years, John became distant from Elizabeth. In a time when she needed him most, he would stay out late working on our farm or pondering their life alone in the barn. The barn was so close to my back p...

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...dside to pray to God. I can see the hurt and determination in his face. I can hear him asking the Lord to give Mary the power to tell the truth and him the power to confess. He is pleading that the court will be given enough evidence to release his beloved wife from prison, even if it means he will be hung.
After that day in court, I have never gotten to feel the warmth and love of John and Elizabeth again. It has been nineteen years, a put together young man has just arrived. He has the boldness and strength of John Proctor, and the curiosity and love of Elizabeth Proctor. Finally my walls can hear the echo of a voice, feel the warmth of love, see a stunning face, and smell the fragrance of homemade meals cooking in my kitchen. I can forgive the witch trials for the love and souls that were taken away, but this time in history will never be forgotten.

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