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Life Issues Today 's Life Essay

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Life Issues Today, Life Issues Tomorrow, & Life Issues Forever
Everyday more and more people are digging deeper and deeper into a progressing economic crisis. America’s economic situation has slowly flat lined over the years raising prices and taxes on everything. This has made jobs harder to get, due to high degree requirements, and last, but not least the raging prices to go to college and the loans from college or credit cards to pay off afterwards. These issues bring a serious effect to young adults all over America. America’s economic situation has only brought difficulties and trials on todays’ generation because of the issue to get decent paying jobs, the life long debt due to college tuitions, or even credit debts that will only progressively bring more havoc for future generations and cause their lives to be essentially more difficult than today’s generation
Today’s generation has had a major change since 50 years ago. Kids are not graduating, moving out, getting jobs, and starting a family right away. Girls have become more independent and go to college very casually just like most young American men and women do. College tuition has gone through the roof and made it very difficult for some young adults to attend college. This usually results in students living at home through college to help save money and the long-term effects loans and credit cards can cause. More and more young adults are putting off deep and long commitments as in marriages, families, or even buying houses. College is a very time consuming function. There are a lot of college students who can only work part time and not make very good wages, making it hard to pay for college tuition. Trying to find a job makes this task even more difficult. When th...

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...n and talent and a mission on what they plan to do for the rest of their life, but can’t because debt left over from college and credit cards has hindered them. It is not their fault they wanted a job, but decent jobs require certain degrees and to earn that you have to go to college, but to pay for college you need a job.
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