Life Is Worth Living : What Happens When We Live Essay

Life Is Worth Living : What Happens When We Live Essay

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“Life Not Worth Living: What Happens When We Live To 100”
Americans are living longer lives than they used to hundreds of years ago. The average life expectancy of an American increased from 47 years old in 1900 to 79 years old in 2011. There are several explanations for this phenomenon. The life expectancy of the average person is increasing because of the advancements in technology, healthy diets, and the progression of medical science. With these advancements, Americans are now able to live past one hundred years of age. Everyone dreams of living forever. It seems so appealing to be able to live life for a very long time, happily and healthily, and going out and enjoying everything that life has to offer. Although living past one hundred can be a fortune the desire for life extension comes with an abundance of expenses, illnesses and lack of social support.
First, while a long life can be a good thing, longevity also brings with it some unique financial challenges on both a micro and macro level. First of all, aged people require care. If they have no one to take care of them at home, they will have to go to a nursing home. This would leave a great financial burden to their family and society. According to an article published in the journal Corporate Adviser, MGM Advantage calculates the current level of annual household expenditure when the main occupant is aged 75 and over at more than $6,000. So if someone lived until they were 100, between their 75th and 100th birthday not including inflation, they would need to find at the very least $400,000 to live. Though longevity is good news, it also brings a huge financial encumbrance on people. Not to mention, as life expectancy increases more people qualify for social securit...

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...hin one year.
In conclusion, after analyzing the situation, it is hard to see that longevity is a fortune. It has some advantages on our youth and society. However, longer life expectancy of human beings creates burdens to society and economically.Some will argue that living longer is beneficial since the senior citizens’ experiences are very precious for the youth. Meanwhile, others disagree with this because they strongly believe that the old will certainly be the burden of the family, even the country. It is the truth longevity is a symbol of evil. “It is better to have a meaningful life and make a difference than to merely have a long life.”(McGill) Since you can not rewind time what happens next? With life expectancy increasing year after year this should be an eye opener for future generations to save money to ensure a quality of life during the golden years.

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