Life Is Not A Multiple Choice Test Essay

Life Is Not A Multiple Choice Test Essay

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At different points in our lives, we have those moments that give us pause. Moments that make us think more deeply and mindfully about our lives and the adventure we are on. At the beginning of my senior year, I had one of those moments. It came when I was casually searching for an essay topic that I would present to my theology class. I ran across the above quote by an unknown author. which caused me to pause and think more deeply and mindfully about my life.
How contradictory is this quote? I probably read this quote at least four times before my mind was completely awakened by how true these words are. Life gives people choices, an unlimited and innumerable number of choices as a matter of fact. Life is not a multiple choice test where a person is only allowed four different choices, and if they happen to choose the wrong answer they will automatically miss the entire question. There is no specific right answer to life and how to live it.
Life is simple because we have the freedom to make the choices that define our lives. We get to decide whether we are happy, sad, resilient, frustrated, angry, impatient, and so on. We get to decide how hard we want to work, what we want to do in our lives, who we want to know and adventure through our lives with. All those choices are ours and allow us to seek happiness and fulfillment in our lives. We hold all the cards, the keys to the car, all the tools in the toolbox and having all that freedom to choose makes life very simple. Our future is controlled by us, as a result of our choices and our decisions.
But there are some things we cannot control and those things make life hard sometimes. I have experienced that first hard, as I lost my father the summer of my sophomor...

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...of life, I am empathetic and compassionate toward others who experience loss or pain. I now am willing to try new things, talk to new people, think outside the box, and believe in myself and my own opinions. I have come to realize that the only opinion that really matters is the opinion you have of yourself, and I fully intend to make and keep that a positive opinion.
I know who I am and what I stand for and no one can stop me from being me, and living a life filled with happiness and adventure. I use my life experience to motivate me to be the best person I can be, for me personally, and for those around me, because honestly, I have learned the hard way, people can never know what day will be their last. So if this day is my last, I am darn sure going to make it a good one. I have learned from yesterday, I will celebrate today, and I will hope for tomorrow.

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