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“Life is like a restaurant: you walk in, hopefully find good food and good company, and walk back out.” says Taylor Ryan, which couldn’t be more true. Oftentimes, fine dining can turn out to be a positive experience, but sometimes it can be the exact opposite. I’m a student at West Chester University and I don’t usually go out for fine dining, but when I do I still have high expectations. I always hope to have a great time, in a great environment, while enjoying a delicious meal. This would make my outing well worth it. Therefore, I had to decide on the perfect restaurant to go to. While both Landmark and Barnaby’s make great restaurants, there are several factors to consider when choosing between the two.
There are several aspects to take into consideration when deciding whether to be a returning customer at a restaurant or not. Some of the criterion to consider when choosing a restaurant to go to is the distance. Distance is a a very important factor because most college students that live on campus don’t have a car or reliable means of transportation. Therefore, being able to walk should always be an option. It’s also important to consider the service and the atmosphere. The most enjoyable part about eating out is the unhurried social experience, which allows you plenty of time to interact with your dining companions. A restaurant 's atmosphere sets the stage. Factors such as music, lighting, artwork, and spacing combined creates comfort or even intimacy. As for the service, the servers should be attentive, polite, and timely. The prices of the food is also essential when choosing a restaurant. Prices should be relatively reasonable in order to suit a college student 's budget but the food should still be of great quality. Spe...

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...d TV’s were ridiculously loud, so I had to speak louder than usual. However, the staff were very friendly, but because it’s always very crowded the wait period was long. The prices were reasonable, just about the same as Landmark. The price range was between $11-$30. Compared to the wings at Landmark, the wings at Barnaby’s weren’t very appealing to taste. The hosts and servers were friendly, however, because it was so busy they weren’t timely and they were impatient. The atmosphere was rowdy, and disorderly.
Decisions, Decisions
When going out to eat, having a great experience is always the goal and Landmark offers that to every guest in many aspects. The tasty foods, reasonable prices, location and impeccable customer service makes dining at Landmark worthwhile. Not to suggest that Barnaby’s lacks all of these qualities, but they definitely don’t have all of them.

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