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Life Is Just Plain Hard Essay example

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At one time or another all individuals go through hard times. To be honest, sometimes life is just plain hard. At times, the unfortunate circumstances do not even have to happen directly to an individual for that person to be effected. In many cases, seeing a loved one go through something and not being able to help them is one of the hardest things one must do in life. When dealing with children, parents can step into the child’s situation and assist, but when that child grows to be an adult, the parent can no longer assist without the approval of his or her grown child. In speaking with many adults who have children, all agree that the hardest part of being a parent is watching his or her child go through something and not being able to help. Helping one another is human nature – evolutionary. The government also faces a similar issue. In the United States today – a country founded on the freedom of the individual—the line is often blurred as to when and how the government should intervene in certain situations in its own country or even around the world. It is true that human nat...

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