Essay on Life Is God 's Most Precious Gift

Essay on Life Is God 's Most Precious Gift

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Reverend Hale of the Crucible once announced, “Life is God’s most precious gift; no principle, however glorious, may justify the taking of it. With this assertion may come the topic over the death penalty, and what comes into play into today’s society as well. This concept may be defined as a punishment of execution administered to an individual who had committed a crime to a certain extreme. However, where the line at which we draw this extreme? In today’s society, the death penalty is widely debated on whether it should be abolished or kept in place. Many factors must taken into consideration with this such as financial costs and the satisfaction received. Furthermore, it is purely more expensive to execute a single criminal than house him in lifetime prison. Along with this comes the questions of what real satisfaction comes of it and is it really a reasonable method of long term contentment. Ultimately, the two sided argument concerning the death penalty boils down to certain factors being the realistic financial costs when it comes to imprisonment vs. death, the morality and fairness concerning human lives, and even the “real” satisfaction families may feel when the criminal is killed.
The overall financial problems following the continuation of the death penalty along with the outlook of that country’s image can cause problems. The first known argument for most is that the death penalty costs exponentially more than simply housing the individual in solitary confinement. This merely hurts the country’s economy; especially in terms of America’s current financial crisis. The reason for the extremely high costs for the death of one person is due to the amounts of attorneys, juries, and even the years spent in court all adds up....

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... penalty may be supportable. With the execution of innocent people, and the flawed legal system that works in a way that makes legislating a death sentence cost more than housing someone in solitary confinement for life, supporting this method of capital punishment seems foolish. However, some may argue the lowering of the legal costs may just make this worth the resources and time. If the appeal process is reformed to purely lower the legal costs, then the likelihood of making an error and executing more guiltless people rises. Referring back to what Reverend Hale declared, no matter what the time period, the death penalty may never be justified due to the simple lack of long term contentment that may originate with it and in today’s society, the seemingly waste of efforts, resources, time, and potential room for mistakes in the legal process makes it appear unjust.

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