Life Is Beautiful But Then It Can Give Lemons At Times Essay

Life Is Beautiful But Then It Can Give Lemons At Times Essay

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Life is beautiful but then it can give lemons at times. However, it is how one deals with it that determines one’s personality. My maternal grandmother who my cousins fondly call “ammamma” reached a major milestone in her life that several of us may never reach. She became a centenarian this October. What a wonderful journey! This was a story straight from an Indian movie, except that it was real. It all took place in a little town in Andhra Pradesh in the 1930s, when love marriages were not that prevalent. Smart and beautiful at 16, my grandmother attracted the attention of my grandfather, a young zamindar’s son and a budding telugu poet. They fell in love with each other. Soon, at age 18, my grandmother married him against the wishes of her to be in-laws. Considering that she was never accepted into my grandfather’s family, there was a void in her life which was fortunately overshadowed by the love and affection of her husband.
Born and brought up in a Royal family, my grandfather was not well versed in how to run a family as he had numerous people carry out the work for him. Even though financially they were doing good, there were times when my grandmother needed to run the family and take care of the family duties all by herself. Lovingly, she supported her husband and he supported her where he could. It was a love story to cherish!
The days passed quickly and soon my grandparents were happily celebrating the graduations and weddings of their children. Things were moving reasonably fine for them until the day when a few callous people cheated my grandparents off their land which they had saved for the education and marriage expenses of the rest of their children. Both my grandparents were devastated due to this loss. Soon aft...

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...parents could not. Nothing in this world is more heartbreaking than losing one’s child and no parent can ever be prepared for it when it happens. After their demise, she pulled herself together for her family and she continued to bring everyone together. She continued to support her children and grandchildren where possible. She continued to shower her love and affection on the rest of us.
Recently, my grandmother celebrated her 100th. All her children and grandchildren wished her from different parts of the world. Some of us could meet her personally and receive her blessings while some of us could talk to her knowing that she is surrounded by all her loved ones on her special day. My grandmother would not have preferred it any other way.
Here is to my ammamma and all the wonderful and strong women, you are the backbone of your family and you make all of us proud!

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