Life Is A Road Of Obstacles Essay

Life Is A Road Of Obstacles Essay

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Life is a road of obstacles in which you step on nails, broken glass, hot coals, and blades of steel. Your feet bleed and your wounds throb, but how do we persevere? How do we keep pushing on from the nails digging at our strength, the glass biting on our pride, the coals burning our hope, and the blades shredding our dreams? The roads we tread on test us and break us down into dust. The persistence to walk through and keep fighting lies within us. We falter and stop, but undoubtedly and without question move forward. It is not just one difficulty that we overcome there are numerous. They are minor seemingly insignificant battles within ourselves, against ourselves, and with others that go unseen. There are hindrances that run deep in our souls and heart and that just nearly scratch the surface. Such situations in which we have no control and the happenings unfold into the most challenging of time in our lives. We learn to deal and adapt to them almost to the point that the go unnoticed.
The point is to acknowledge the tests in your life which don’t mean much to others. The point th...

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