Life Is A Dream And The Mayor Of Zamalea

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This essay focuses on how the works “Life is a dream” and “The mayor of Zamalea” written by one of the most famous writers in the Spanish Golden Age, Calderon de la Barca, have been translated into English. Basing in the sentence given in the essay title: “A play should breathe for a modern audience; they are not watching some fusty museum piece” I will explain the importance of adapt a work to the modern audience, especially in performing the work and the main difficulties that a translator must deals with to achieve a good theater translation basing in the society and cultural background. In addition a work must achieve fidelity to the original text but without be translated literally, word by word. According to the methods of translation that we have studied in class, it is important to focus on which methods have been using by the translator in the novels that I have mentioned before. Obviously there is not a perfect translation, as there is not a perfect original text, although it is clear that there is more or less good translations which includes the fidelity, fluency and natural expression into the target language. In general, the good translation is which does not attract the attention, the good translation does not compete with the original text. The famous saying “Translator, traitor” contains this features, it is stressed much what the translator does not translate, or translates wrong than the translator does. Each author produces his own world, which suggest, arouse emotions and partnership. In addition, each translator after reading the work and understand it, then he creates his own work. Imagine a symbol of fire, according to the experience the receiver could have lived, this symbol will suggest some images and ... ... middle of paper ... ...using a different style and register. To conclude this essay, I have compared two works of the Spanish Golden Age, “the mayor of Zamalea” and “life is a dream”. Analyzing two versions of “life is a dream” translated in different ages we notice that the style and the register is changing using not so complex words and how each translator has adapted the work. The play “the mayor of Zamalea” the translator decided to create a literal translator choosing to preserve the bases of Caleron de la Barca. For creating a work and analyze it, is really important to know the different theories of the translation studies with the aim of understand how each translator create his own work. Studying the translation studies theories we can notice the quantity of problems that a translator has to deals with. It is not easy to create a translation and focus it to a specific public.

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