Essay on Life Insurance as a Financial Planning Tool

Essay on Life Insurance as a Financial Planning Tool

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Table of Contents.
Answer 1. 2
1. Healthcare Plan 2
1.1 Flex Medical Plan. 2
1.1.1. Features/ Benefits of the Flex Medical Plan. 2
1.1.2 Schedule of Benefits. 3
1.2 Early Care critical Illness. 5
2. Individual Life Insurance 6
2.1 SmartLife Pro. 6
2.1.1 Benefits of SmartLife Pro. 6
2.2 Super Wealth Plan 7
Overall Benefits for this plan: 7
3. Investment Linked Plan 8
3.1 Zurich FlexiLife Plus. 8
3.1.1 Benefits of Zurich FlexiLife Plus 8
Answer 2 9
Accidental Death Benefit Rider. 9
Accelerated Death Benefit Rider. 10
Waiver of Premium Rider. 10
Guaranteed Insurability Benefit rider. 10
Answer 3 11
1. Life Insurance for the Young, Single and on their own! 11
2. Newly Married 12
3. Family 14
4. Old Age (Senior Citizen) 15
Bibliography 16

Answer 1.
Life insurance describes insurance based on human life incidents. According to Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad, they provide different types of life insurance and health plans. First of all, under their life insurance category, they have the Healthcare Plan.
1. Healthcare Plan
This Healthcare plan further consists of ranges which a customer can relate to.
1.1 Flex Medical Plan.
This plan provides an individual with the hospitalization charges, surgical treatments, medication, examinations and consultation fees. This plan protects an individual from high and rising medical costs throughout the life. It guarantees medical coverage up till the age of 100, which comprehensive features which ensures great quality of healthcare whenever the customer requires without any hassle.
1.1.1. Features/ Benefits of the Flex Medical Plan.
• Guaranteed renewal up to age 100.
Provides lifetime medical coverage up to the age of 100.
• No overall lifetime limit.

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