Life in the 1960's was Better than Life Today Essay examples

Life in the 1960's was Better than Life Today Essay examples

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Life in the 1960s was both better for the people and significantly different to life today.

When comparing the 1960s and today, there are many significant differences. The 1960s held events that were unique to that era, such as the Vietnam War and the landing on the moon, and today we are trying to find ways to advance technology further. The two eras also had different lifestyles, clothing, technology and pass-times. Life in the 1960s was better than the life today because the world hadn?t yet advanced too far, and life was revolved more around friends and family then other things.

Events in the 1960s changed the people of that era. People who did adventurous things such as Neil Armstrong walking on the moon and those men who returned home from the Vietnam War inspired them, feminism bettered the life for women, teens began to enjoy life more as the counter culture began, the cold war made people aware of the danger of nuclear technology and the JFK assassination gave people a topic of conversation. Important events today include the discovery of cloning, which is a way of c...

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