Life in the Ottawa Tribe Essay

Life in the Ottawa Tribe Essay

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This paper addresses the results of interviews, observations, and research of life in the Ottawa tribe, how they see themselves and others in society and in the tribe. I mainly focused on The Little River Band of Ottawa Indian tribe. I researched their languages, pecking order, and interviewed to discover the rituals, and traditions that they believe in. In this essay I revealed how they see themselves in society. How they see other people, how they see each other, what their values were, what a typical day was etc. I initially suspected that I would have got different responses from these questions but in reality the results in the questions were almost completely the same. I studied this topic because mostly all the people that are close to me are associated in the Ottawa tribe. I additionally love the Native American culture, I feel it is beautiful and has a free concept.

The Native American Ottawa tribe and culture of the tribe is eminently fascinating and beautiful. The Ottawa tribe has a great deal of history behind it. According to, the Ottawa tribe first arrived on the east side of Lake Huron in 1400. The name “Ottawa” is originally spelled “Odawa” in their native language. The language that they speak is mostly English, but their native language is Ojibwa, which is related to Anishinaabe language. The tribe’s original homeland, according to, is mostly in southern Ontario in Canada, which is where the name of “Ottawa” or “Odawa” came from, and Michigan. There are multiple Ottawa tribes, but there is one here in Manistee, Michigan, they are The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. According to, there are 2,750 Ottawa-Ojibwe members in Michigan, which is two-thirds ...

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...higan, they are The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. The Little River Band is full and rich in culture. Some people don’t acknowledge the Ottawa tribe here in Manistee Michigan, or really even know who they are or how they feel. I feel as though that the Ottawa tribe has a huge positive impact on Michigan’s history. Thereby, I have written this essay to discuss and reveal the culture and the day-to-day of the Ottawa tribe with observations, interviews and research.

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