Life in the Box of Chocolate Essay examples

Life in the Box of Chocolate Essay examples

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It is a difficult task to choose a movie from a gigantic cinematographic industry but it is much more difficult to accomplish a detailed analyze of it. It is difficult to select because not only there are many good movies but also they vary in different genres and subjects. The degree of difficulty starts to increase in the view of fact of performing a professional detailed analyzes. It looks like, the movie “Forrest Gump” is produced specifically to make the solving of this puzzle easier. The viewer through the movie’s suspense could cry, laugh out loudly and find pieces of his or her life in it even though it is a fictional artistic creation. The protagonist of the movie “Forrest Gump” not only participates actively in historical events of America but also meets personally the artistic and political personalities of that time. All the elements of movie, such as artistic, literary, musical, or cinematographic focus on a weird protagonist but a brilliant idiot, who through a metaphoric interaction with a feather not only opens and closes scenes of the movie but also amplifies the main message for the audience. Despite the fact that the human destiny is predicted or not a person should live like a feather, floating in the air because life is like a box of chocolates that no one knows what it has inside. It is this message that Forrest gives in similar way with a randomly floating of feather on a breeze. While Forrest tells the story, the viewer feels suspense because he does not really know the tale direction until Forrest tells it.
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The artistic analysis of the movie is based on and is ...

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...lso but it is the best explanation of film grammar, a rain drop is single image, two raindrops are a shot more form a stream and this is a scene more streams form a river and this is movie. While the movie is the river, the ocean where it flows into is the audience. However, this could not be seen without the camera works, it playing skittishly with light and shadow and through the length of shot, the camera movement and angle shot creates artistic magic of movie. It looks like that is insufficient, and the film need the actors performance, the effects, the decors, the costumes and over all the music. ml>.

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