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Technology Final
26, May 2010
Maine is a product from the Ice Age. Its earliest habitants were Ice Age hunters. Little is known about then except that they are known as the “Red Paint” people. They got the name because they used red clay to line the grave of their dead. Maine’s two earliest Indian Nations were the Micmac if the eastern Maine, New Brunswick and the Abaci’s a.k.a (wabanakis). There have been dozens of tribes to inhabit Maine’s land. Only two of which remain. The Passamaquoddies. They have a population of about 1,500 and they live on two reservations. There are also the Penobscot.
Maine became a state in 1820. It is the 23rd state. The new state in the year 1820 had about 300,000 people. It only had 9 counties at this time, and 236 towns. Portland was temporarily named the state capitol until1832 it was moved to Augusta.
Maine has a population of 1,274,923, and a area of 33,215 square miles. As you can see it’s not very large. The largest city in Maine is Portland. It has a population of 62,875 people. Portland is 52.6 square miles. Maine now had 16 counties. Before when it first came to be as stated before, it was only 9 counties.
This state is known for its many lobsters. In the year 2006 Maine harvested 72.5 million pounds of lobsters. Maine’s lobster makes a major contribution to the state’s economy. When they sold 72.5 million pounds of lobster they got over 300 million dollars in dock value. This fishing industry helps many small coastal villages and communities that give Maine its unique Character (for lobster).
Lobsters in Maine are harvested by boat captains. Most boat captains are either alone while doing this or with one or two other assistants. The boats for harvesting usually make day trip...

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