Essay on Life Expectancy Has Increased Over The Last One Hundred Years

Essay on Life Expectancy Has Increased Over The Last One Hundred Years

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(1) Life expectancy has increased over the last one hundred years because I think that people take care of themselves. Meaning that they maintain a healthy life and always being proactive.
(2) The graph shows males and females of white and black ethnicity. The differences in this graph is white women during the 1920’s to 1940’s at the age of 50 and up white females have a more life expectancy. While White males and and black males have the same life expectancy around the 1970’s to 1980’s from the ages of 30 to 70. While african americans have a short life expectancy from the ages of 30 to 60.
(3) I think what the quotation means is that you have an option on how well you treat your body very well and healthy. Meaning that if you want to intoxicated your body with bad chemicals then that would affect your life and you would live a shorter life due to unknown disease. Even though you have that option you also have another option and that is to maintain a healthy live and eat healthy of course. Yes,I believe that this graph supports the quotation because during the era of the 1900’s there was a lot of substances that when people take this substances they hallucinate or as well people would do horrible things to each other.
(4) Well people these days would actually take anything or drink anything that would make them feel relaxed,but little do they it’s affecting their health. Decisions that people make that affect their health are
People always do drugs that they would become drug addicts which of course would affect their health and well being.
People drinking beer that could damage your lungs and have a shorter life span.
People eating too much junk food everyday that could put you overweight plus having heart conditions that cou...

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... improve your physical wellness so you could be in great shape as well metally.

8. I choose this video because this video gives a good visual on how exactly wellness is put in into our daily lives. While I was watching this video I learned that everyday we get affected of wellness. For example, we may not know it but everything that you touch,feel,think and etc you are having some type of wellness. If it’s physical wellness then that means you’re exercising daily,eating healthy,and as well avoiding harmful habits. Wellness could come in different ways that could affect your daily life but you have an option you could either be a healthy person or you would be a person that throws their life away. Meaning that you often do drugs you don’t care of your physical health which will shorten your lifespan and not accomplished anything in this world.


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