Life Events Are Most Time What Structure Us? Essay examples

Life Events Are Most Time What Structure Us? Essay examples

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Life events are most time what structure us to be whom or what we are; it influences our personality and make us see things or life in a different perspective. People most times wonder how children under the age of ten could remember what had happened to them but I don’t. I come from a strong Lutheran family, where love and trust was the order of the day. My dad came from a large family of eleven, five girls and six boys, three of which were Rev. and Pastors, one of them was the Bishop and President of Nigerian Lutheran Church. With such a powerful Christian background came lots of restrictions, I was not allowed to wear trousers if I do, Deuteronomy 22: 5 will be read to you for a whole month “A woman must not wear men 's clothing, nor a man wear women 's clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this”. My parents were very mindful of everything we did, especially things we wear and how we wear them, anything that could dent their family name was highly forbidden, they were more mindful of outward appearance than the inside, never did they imagine that the people they trusted, loved and welcomed into their home were the same people abusing and raping their own daughter. I was barely ten years old when I was first raped and abused by a family friend whom we called “brother” I believe he would have been between 15-20 years older than I was, all he does was help pick my brothers and I from school then make my brothers to go play outside the house while he helps me with my assignment (which is forcing himself down me). He sometimes takes us for the weekend where he made me his prey for that weekend. Then came my first cousin’s husband who takes some time out just to come read and study the bible with me, he was so nice,...

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...dmission. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger, I was abused, raped, maltreated and even tortured but it didn’t define who I am, instead it made me stronger, I don’t wait for people to do things for me, I work hard to achieve my dream. I am nice loving and compassionate person; I trust people but am cautious when it comes to my children, I don’t want to be my parents who were naïve to life. I work at the Medical Center of Aurora as a Personal Care Tech (CNA) and, am wonderful at it; my academic goal is to earn a degree in nursing and Colorado Christian University is a respectable place to do that. This academic advancement will help me develop myself in health care, it will equip more in my professional field, it will not only give me the privilege to take more appropriate care of my sick patient but it will also give me a better platform to provide for my family.

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