Life Cycle Of The Natural World Essay

Life Cycle Of The Natural World Essay

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When looking at the natural world one can clearly see an order in the occurrences within. Examples ranging from the 4 seasons, to the life cycle of every being, or even to the rising and setting of the sun on a daily basis, depending on your location in the world. With all of the orders comes a certain peace. We tend to seek out this peace after a bad day or a stressful week in the form of ‘Calming Sounds of Nature’ a half an hour of chirping birds, flowing streams, a gentle breeze across oats, or even the pitter patter of rain drops falling into the upper canopy of a rain forest. All of which we overlook and take for granted on a regular basis. Yet both Bradford and Emerson saw the value in observing our natural surroundings. Both me believed that the natural world provides us with a path to reach a higher calling.
As a part of their basic belief system, the Puritans looked to their natural surroundings to help them understand God’s will for them. On their voyage to the new world Bradford recounts what seem to be two clear scenarios in which God’s providence is shown. The first involving a very proud and obnoxiously rude sailor that relentlessly persecuted those who had gotten sick on the voyage. This man not only cursed these, he also constantly expressed his desire and future pleasure in throwing them overboard. Yet before long he too fell sick, but unlike the others on board, the sickness overtook him and he became the first to die on the trip, therefore also making him the first to be thrown overboard. In the eyes of the Puritans God had justly brought judgment down upon this man. The second man had nothing clearly against him, yet, amongst a storm, was thrown towards the sea, and God allowed him to grab ahold of a rope to ...

... middle of paper ... a moment to look at the trees, or see the wind blow across the grass because to us there is no immediate value in such things. Yet both Bradford and Emerson could tell of the immense value in our everyday surroundings. The ideas expressed by both men were some of the foundational thoughts of our American society, therefore if we look for them and strive towards them we too can then uncover the vast trove of truth within. Moving in that direction will require time and thought, yet our society sees time as money and thought as a waste of time, therefore pursuing any absolute truth through nature is deemed a waste of money and unnecessary for our lives. Therefore as an individual one must find the value for themselves and strive after the higher calling of nature and live their life in a way that others see and then are also persuaded to following down the same path.

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